Suggested for commercial and residential properties

The Concept Boards are of a high quality and provided for further presentation to Clients / Board Members / Strata Management and other decision makers.

  • The building of a Concept Board takes time and research of product samples, but especially in Commercial situations very necessary.
  • Presentation of  a Concept Board is important – the clients can view the colour palette in proportion of use and see how it fits with suggested materials  and other recommended finishes.
  • A Specification Sheet is attached outlined in a way that can be given to the painter/builder as reference.
  • A description of the paint qualities is also mentioned and in some cases, if required a Colour Psychology list is given to assist with the colours chosen.

 Terms & Conditions for PAINT use & recommendations:

  • The implementation of the Specification Sheet is the Client’s Sole Responsibility.
  • The recommendations are for Premium Paints only ( tinting colour can’t be guaranteed on a lesser quality paint)
  • With Paint finishes we don’t recommend substitution of brands because tints & bases vary.
  • Paints should always be checked against samples before applying.
  • All Technical Information including Application should be verified with the supplier and painter.
  • Suggest that a painter be employed that is knowledgeable with the product.

 Terms & Conditions for MATERIALS researched & suggested:

All materials and recommended finishes for various jobs are well researched for the initial brief and these are then suggested only to fulfill that brief and complete the concept – it is the sole responsibility of the client to measure, price and purchase the product.